Backyard suite builds require builders to have a unique set of knowledge and expertise to get them designed, permitted and constructed in the most time-efficient way possible. In Calgary, that means picking the right laneway home builder for the job, one with the tools to streamline your project’s process that also offers reasonable pricing and an all-inclusive service.

So then, why should you choose Garage Suites Ltd. for your next project? It’s a good question, one that we answer in full detail below. Also see:

#1 – Our prices include everything

Some backyard suite builders in Calgary offer pricing that does not include demolition, design, excavation or permits to name a few examples. Some of these builders also price out utilities at an extra cost on top of construction for backyard suites.

At Garage Suites Ltd., we include all costs in our pricing including:

  • Architectural design
  • City permits (DP, BP, Occupancy)
  • Existing garage demolition and haul
  • Site excavation/utility excavation
  • Turn-key suite completed to standard specs
  • Utility connections*

*Please note that the cost for your sewer, water, natural gas and electricity connections may or may not be included in our starting price and will be determined upon analysis at our free site evaluation. However, with that being said, you’ll be happy to know that most of our projects have utilities included in the price.

Why pay for extra for these services when your property may qualify for an all-in-one price?

#2 – Save yourself money

Speaking of prices, you may have noticed that our prices are highly competitive in today’s market. How do we do it?

For starters, the services we require to build a suite such as excavation and framing are all done by in-house contractors. We also own our own excavators, dump trucks and other equipment which third-party companies can charge builders an arm and a tooth for.

Tops Excavation, for example, is one of our sister companies and takes care of all our excavations, helping us keep costs down associated with the demolition, haul and excavation for your backyard suite project in Calgary.

We also do our design and permits in-house with our partner Anomaly Drafting and Design, meaning you’ll typically save money on these initial stages of the process.

#3 – High quality is our name

Established in 2008, our parent company Gold Homes has been building high-end infills across Calgary for well over a decade. With that comes a certain standard of quality and excellence in all builds we do – including in our backyard suite projects.

Over the past several years, we have developed strong relationships with quality sub-contractors that do not cut corners and use only the best construction methods. Our quality control process – managed by our company project managers – ensures your suite is completed using only top-notch methods and materials.

Want to know more about our product? Ask us about our show suites and specifications and we will be happy to present these to you at our office or through an online Zoom meeting.

#4 – Custom suites from the ground up

While we offer standard specification floorplans to give you an idea of what is possible for your suite project, most of our clients end up with fully customized builds.

We design suites from the ground up, meaning whichever interior floorplan and exterior elevation you want, you get. While many homeowners choose to match the garage suite’s exterior cladding to the main residence, the sky is the limit when it comes to customization.

Once your interior floorplan and exterior elevation are confirmed and submitted as part of your permit applications, we then move forward with the interior specifications consultation process. Our in-house interior design director will sit down with you to review what is included in our standard specs and present options for colours and materials for all finishings inside your suite.

The end product is a fully custom garage suite, to be built to fit your wants, needs and lifestyle best. We don’t use cookie-cutter templates for backyard suites to cut corners or time in the design phase, as each suite we build is as unique as each of our clients.

#5 – Customer service and communication

When it comes to customer service for our clients, we do everything we can to ensure your experience with us is as convenient and stress-free as it gets. That starts with having prompt and professional communication between all parties involved.

From the initial sales consultation to design meetings to construction, we open up 24/7 lines of communication with you and our team from start to finish throughout the process. During construction, you’ll have direct access to our project managers who will communicate with you on a daily basis regarding the progress of your suite.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your backyard suite project in Calgary! Contact Garage Suites today to discuss your laneway home goals!

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