Keep Family Close to Home in Your Calgary Garage Suite

Multi-generational living has many potential benefits for you and your family, which also brings about the question: what exactly is the best arrangement when you and your parents or in-laws all are living in the same household?

Utilizing your basement or a spare bedroom for family is common nowadays, but the idea of putting them up in a brand-new backyard suite on top of the garage has been gaining traction among home owners in Vancouver, Edmonton, and now Calgary. This allows you to keep the parents close to home while giving you and your children the privacy you need – when you need it.

The same goes for a nanny; he or she would have their own personal space which can be a huge breath of fresh air when you see someone on a consistent basis, and you could call on them when they are needed.

And then there’s the possibility of letting your young adult children utilize the backyard suite as their own, providing them with extra privacy every person their age wants and a quiet ambience to study hard for those university exams and flourish as a post-secondary student.

Whichever the case, having a backyard suite as another “residence” just a few steps from your backdoor can benefit you and your family in many ways. Here’s more insight as to why a new garage suite in Calgary may be an ideal fit for your goals. Also see:

Parents in the Backyard

Imagine the possibilities with having your parents or in-laws living just a few steps away. Asking them to babysit for the day while heading out to work or do errands would be convenient for the both of you, and your family would get to spend more time with one another.

If your grandparents are anything like many out there, they would probably love to see their grandchildren on a consistent basis and perhaps have dinner on the table for when you got home at least once or twice a week. Some of you have likely already experienced multi-generational living in your lifetime, and surely you can agree that not having to cook one or two extra meals each week after a long day at work is a huge weight off the shoulders. Thank you to all those grandparents out there!

A new garage suite would also be favourable for your parents in many ways. Depending on their needs, you could fully customize a new suite with an elevator for ease-of-access that would allow them to access their unit without being concerned about using stairs multiple times a day. A custom set-up with a walk-in bathtub may also be accommodating for them on a day-to-day basis.

Visitor / Nanny Suite

A backyard suite on your Calgary property is also usable as a nanny suite. Urban professionals with young children may need a nanny to look after the kids while they tend to business in the downtown core for example.

Perhaps your significant other finds him or herself out of town on a consistent basis for work, and a nanny is needed to help with the kids, keep things tidy and cook food every now and then while allowing you to go about your daily business.

A living unit on top of your garage would also be a great idea if you have frequent visitors from out of town. Family or friends could hunker down in your backyard for as long as necessary, then when they are gone you could relist your garage suite on Air BnB as “available” for rent.

Whether it be used as a nanny suite or to accommodate friends and family, your new garage suite could bring about substantial benefits while not sparing any of your family’s privacy by having a visitor or employee stay within your primary household.

Space for Your University Student

University courses are demanding as they come. If you’ve been to university before, you know just how challenging it can be to study effectively in a noisy atmosphere or when you’re continuously distracted by other family members in the same household.

A simple solution would be to accommodate your young adult child by allowing them to live / study in a backyard suite. Young adults demand more privacy and respect as is; providing them with a quiet study / live space in the backyard may be the thing they need to excel in university and flourish in a highly demanding educational system.

Questions about Garage Suites in Calgary?

Is a garage suite ideal for accommodating your family and friends, or perhaps a nanny to help take care of the family and make life more convenient?

Contact our team of professionals anytime at 403.269.1696 or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about garage suites in Calgary. We are looking forward to connecting with you and helping you accomplish your goals behind building a backyard suite!