Calgary Garage Suites are Ideal for Work-From-Home Spaces

The 2020/2021 calendar years have brought on some tough challenges for many of us to say the least, one of those being working from home sometimes in a make-shift space that may not always be the most productive work environment. That may be because your kids are running around, you don’t have the most functional work set-up (like you would in a new garage suite), or perhaps like for many of us, home and all of its conveniences are just a huge distraction all together.

And today – with all the craziness going on out there in the world – many companies are making the move to “work-from-home” set-ups and away from centralized offices as they adapt to evolving world occurrences and look for new ways to save big bucks in the process.

Will you be forced to work from home, or perhaps you just prefer to given the benefits? Whichever the situation, that’s where a newly built garage suite in Calgary might be of use to you.

Here’s a handful of reasons why working in a secondary suite in your backyard could be a game changer. Also see:

#1 – Build the Remote Work Space You Need

A Calgary garage suite would allow you to create your own remote office in a space anywhere from 300 up to more than 700 square feet of new construction just a few steps from the backdoor.

Imagine being able to just trot across the backyard in the morning, fresh coffee in hand, to your work space within an arms’ reach from the house. This wouldn’t be any just plain old office, but one that you’ve built from the ground up and have fully customized with all the bells and whistles you had at the company office (okay, maybe not those expensive printers, but you get the gist).

If you have been working from home (like many of us) as of late and have your stuff on the kitchen table or perhaps in the dining room, chances are you’re missing a few of those office features by now: a private office, ample desk space, and floating monitors to name a few examples.

By building a garage suite in Calgary, you could easily incorporate all these features and more into a new work-from-home space. Other features you could include in your custom design:

  • Custom storage space and shelving
  • Kitchenette with appliances

  • Meeting room for clients

  • Lounge area for taking breaks

  • Full bathroom, because why not

Just imagine the possibilities of a secondary suite in your backyard!? Having said that, perhaps you’re thinking about the private space a Calgary garage suite would offer you?!

#2 – Get Enough Space to Focus on Work

Most of us will agree that a busy household isn’t always the best work environment to get things done in. We all love our children, but sometimes a bit of breathing space is what you might need to be able to focus on the tasks your boss has demanded be completed – and that’s now, by the way!

You may be a unicorn however, and be able to get things done in any kind of work environment loud or not. But why put your will and determination to the test when you could have a private work space right in your backyard?

The benefits of having a quiet workspace include being able to focus on the task at hand more intently and as a result having increased productivity. A newly built garage suite in Calgary would help you accomplish your work goals by providing you with such a space.

Having a “backyard office” would be just enough space too, with the kids within an arms’ reach from your work desk. Need to help your teenager or other family member with something quickly? No problem, just walk a few steps home, take care of what needs to be done, and be back in your private workspace in minutes.

#3 – Say Goodbye to Distractions in Your Home

Distractions such as your family members (which we touched on above, and whom you love very much), your brand new mega-sized 100-inch TV and home entertainment system, and household duties that are just itching to get done would be out-of-sight when working in your garage suite work space.

Would these distractions be out-of-mind, so to speak? Maybe not, but then and again, separating your work space with home may just be what you need to get things done.

And if you do decide to cave in and go into the house to catch the end of your favourite show, then that’s okay too! Just imaging the convenience you could have when building a garage suite in Calgary to use as a home office!

Questions about Garage Suites in Calgary?

Are you thinking that a new secondary suite in your backyard is just the thing you need for a new work-from-home office? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about costs, designs and other important details when it comes to the actual product.

Contact our team of professionals anytime at (403)797-4918 or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about garage suites in Calgary. We are looking forward to connecting with you and helping you accomplish your goals behind building a new secondary suite on top of your garage – whichever those may be!